2007 West Winds Events
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Events are listed in chronological order
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MAY 2007 MI Spring Women's Gathering
JUNE 2007 PA Summer Women's Gathering
JUNE 2007 SC Women's Gathering
APRIL 2007 Into the Silence -- Arkansas
FEB 2007 FL Earth Dance
West Winds
Wind Daughter
The Bear Tribe
Past Events
Feb 07 Florida Earth Dance
2007 PA Summer Women's Gathering
2007 Summer SC Women's Gathering
SEPT  2007 MI Earth Dance
April Arkansas Into the Silence
2007 MI Spring Women's Gathering
AR Women's Dance
August 2007 Arkansas Women's Dance
Fall Michigan Earth Dance
NOV 2007 PA Women's Gathering
November PA Women's Gathering
NOV 2007 SC Women's Gathering
November SC Women's Gathering
2008 Bear Tribe-Panther Lodge  Events
Fall 2007 Michigan Womens Gathering
OCT 2007 MI Women's Gathering
The Panther Lodge
West Winds Solstice Gathering
DEC 2007 West Winds AR
Winter Solstice Gathering
Nov 2007 Cedar Hill GA Gathering & Horse Drum Workshop
NOV 2007 GA Horse Drum