2008 West Winds Events
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Sept 2008 AR Into the Silence
April 2008 AR Moon Danze
September 2008  13 Clan Mothers
West Winds
Wind Daughter
The Bear Tribe
Past Events
2008 Bear Tribe-Panther Lodge  Events
The Panther Lodge
2008 Araknsas Moon Dance
September 2008 Into the Silence
Lily Dale Medicine Wheel & Earth Astrology Workshop
July 2008 Lily Dale Medicine Wheel &
Earth Astrology Workshops
2008 Rock Haven MO Earth Dance
April 2008 MO Earth Dance
13 Clan Mothers
SC Gathering of Women in December 2008
SC Dec 2008 Womens Weekend
Winter Solstice 2008
Dec 2008 AR Winter Solstice