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Wind Daughter
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West Winds
  After 22 years of searching and teaching, Wind Daughter found a home for West Winds in the Ozark Mountains.  West Winds is now a physical reality as well as a spiritual place.  West Winds lands also enfold The Panther Lodge Medicine Society, within which Wind Daughter continues, as she has for 12 years, to carry the Bear Tribe bundle and teachings as she moves into a new era... Read more
Photo above:  Wind Daughter brought forth the Black Lodge as the manifestation of a vision.  Black is a sacred color, often representing the West.  Black is the color of the Night Sky, with stars and lightning streaking across it.   
  The Black Lodge is a rebirthing sanctuary, sacred to Wind Daughter's teachings.
West Winds View from the Porch
West Winds
There is a beautiful cave at West Winds.  In the Spring of 2008, Wind Daughter held her first womens night dance at West Winds and honored the cave as the womb of the mother.
Black Lodge
Cabin at West Winds
West Winds Cabin Interior
"Many Horses," our primitive cabin, offers
sleeping space for 6 or more...