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West Winds
The Bear Tribe
2008 Bear Tribe-Panther Lodge  Events
2008 West Winds Events
Wind Daughter
In the Winter of 2004 (Smoke & Fire), we published an excerpt from an article that was commissioned by the Department of Defense regarding Abrupt Climate Change.  That article can now be read in its totality at the following link:  Environmental Defense
In June of 2004 (Smoke & Fire), we published an article about Peak Oil.  Here are some links to sites that speak further on this subject:
Wikipedia: Peak Oil
The End of Oil
Page Bryant & Scott Guynup:  Page Bryant is a successful published author, world renowned psychic and counselor, and was Sun Bear's 1st Apprentice. Scott Guynup is a visionary artist. Both Page & Scott reside in the Great Smoky Mountains.
Mary Elizabeth Thunder: Nobel Peace Prize nominee, author and teacher.
Shared Calendar of Events
Mountain Valley Center: Home of the Labyrinth in Otto, NC, Polarity Therapist & author, Jill Henry, PhD. Unique Gifts & Services for Well Being Energy & Sound Healing, Crystals, Chakras, singing bowls, fountains, Labyrinth Gifts, Park, Cottage Rentals, Feng Shui, Energy SourceBook Workshops, On-line classes
The Panther Lodge
Visit the metaphysical directory for a complete list of metaphysics related websites.
Visit the metaphysical directory for a complete list of metaphysics related websites
Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts:  Located at Isis Cove Retreat Center in Dove Creek, NC, Venus Rising is dedicated to healing and spiritual awakening through their work with spiritual retreats, workshops and Shamanic Breathwork.
White Dove Crow: A Cree Medicine Woman from the Moose Clan.  She embraces the ancient teachings of her elders which she shares back in the traditional way of quietly walking the medicine walk.
Gathering of Circles:   Individuals, small groups, and representatives of groups that come together to re-establish community, to share teachings, to give and receive love and acceptance. We meet in a tradition of tribes and first peoples from many countries.